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A sober dance party – could this be the solution to the drug problem?

In light of the recent spate of drug-related deaths at music festivals around the country, one company’s on a mission to completely change the narrative.

Xstatic Sunsets hopes to be the largest dance party in Australia…that’s sober.

That’s right, there’ll be no alcohol and no drugs.

None will be served, and there’ll be a zero tolerance attitude towards those that try to enter the party with them.

Co-founder Jasper Vallance says it’s about showing people they can get “high” naturally, without drugs and alcohol.

“No temptation…that’s the ethos.”

The party will launch on April 6, at Shark Island.

“When you’re dancing into the sunset…you have an amazing time!”

According to Jasper, all you need is good music, good people and a great view.

“You can get really high naturally, you just need to dance”

They’re working with 4 DJ’s, with 100 years of experience, to put together a playlist of dance and house music from throughout the ages.

The big test for Xstatic Sunsets will be appealing to party-goers, despite not serving any alcohol, and monitoring attendees and whether they’re in possession of any illicit substances.