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Are you at risk from ‘sextortion’?

Alan Jones
Article image for Are you at risk from ‘sextortion’?

‘Sextortion’ is a new scam going around, taking advantage of vulnerable and unsuspecting victims.

Hackers are sending emails claiming to have accessed people’s computers.

They claim to have recorded them watching pornography through the computer’s camera, as well as having captured the pornography that was on the screen.

Hackers demand a ransom, paid in bitcoin within 24 hours, or they will send the footage to everyone in your email list.

After the story came to light, three Alan Jones listeners phoned in saying they’d received the threat despite never having watched pornography.

So, is ‘sextortion’ a real threat or just hackers preying on those who don’t know any better?

Alan Jones speaks with technology expert Trevor Long from who says cyber crime becoming more and more common.

“You’ve got to remember, crime has existed forever. Criminals are just catching up and they’re getting ahead.

“They can send out a scam to millions of people at essentially no cost.

“So what they’re doing is they’re throwing out a scam and they’re hoping to hit a few targets. Just a couple of targets hit and they make money.”

So can hackers really hack into your computer, record from your camera and capture what’s on your screen?

“It is in the realms of possibility. But it is so far from being possible for the average Joe.

“I can’t imagine a single person in Australia has had all of those circumstances come together.

Trevor’s advice if you receive one of these emails… “delete it” and “change your passwords every few months.”

Click PLAY below for the full interview

Trevor Long runs online men’s lifestyle magazine


Alan Jones