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Australia’s favourite maths teacher Eddy Woo on his Wonderful World of Maths

Steve Price

Australia’s Local Hero Eddy Woo is at it again, making sense of mathematics.

His new book, Woo’s Wonderful World of Maths, asks the questions most people might not have thought of.

Like what is the best shape to design your satellite dish to pick up signals from deep space?

What’s the fastest path from your house to the city if you need to stop at two locations on the way?

All problems which can be solved by mathematics.

But Eddy admits he didn’t enjoy maths at school, telling Steve Price he “came to an appreciation of it much later in life”.

“So change is definitely possible.

“Mathematics is one of the greatest tools human beings have ever invented.

“It’s so powerful. It’s how we can send human beings into space. It’s how we can try and manage our world economy which are huge numbers human beings can’t really sense.

“But that’s what I love about mathematics, it’s not only beautiful it’s also really practical.

“I wanted to feed deeply into it and understand its fundamentals so I could explain it with an authentic reason my students.

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Image: Twitter