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‘Cheapskate way out’: Ben Fordham blasts cancelling of Captain Cook commemorations

Captain Cook commemorations are being wound back as the 250th anniversary of the landing nears.

Nine News will reveal a number of events which have been cancelled for April.

Reporter Jonathan Kearsley has exclusively revealed the Greens leader has referred to the event as Australia’s “dark history”.

“Adam Bandt has told me today he thinks all events commemorating the 250th anniversary of the landing of Captain Cook should be scrapped.

“He said it is not an appropriate way to honour the event.”

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Ben Fordham says we need to acknowledge our history.

“We can commemorate the dark parts of our history, while also shining a light on the brighter aspects of it, including the fact that without it we wouldn’t be here at all!

“And I think it’s a cheapskate way out to [cancel commemorations].”

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Image: Getty/Steve Christo – Corbis