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Childcare centre under fire for ‘hijacking’ three-year-olds for political agenda

A Sydney childcare centre has been slammed after young kids in their care were encouraged to lobby the government to fly the Aboriginal flag on the Harbour Bridge.

The pre-school students at Kelly’s Place Children’s Centre in Crows Nest collected 10,000 signatures and recently presented the petition during an excursion to NSW Parliament last month.

Children as young as three-years-old were encouraged to sign the petition, which asked the government to permanently fly the Aboriginal flag on the Harbour Bridge.

Child psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg tells Steve Price there’s no way the kids came up with this idea themselves.

“By three, a toddler’s vocabulary is usually about 200 words.

“I don’t believe for one nanosecond that these petitions are from children. They’re from their activist teachers.

“This is part of the continuation of the erosion of childhood and the hijacking of kids into adult political agendas.”

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Image:  Don Arnold/Getty Images