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Chris loses it on aggressive drivers, ‘They’re waiting to pounce on their prey’

“What is wrong with keeping cool in a parking lot!”

Chris Smith has had it with aggressive drivers.

“Going against the arrows, cutting people off, two cars trying to get into the one spot.”

Only yesterday footage emerged of a man wielding a chainsaw in a bizarre road rage incident.

“It reminded me of the Fish Market carpark on Good Friday,” says Chris.

“No violence… but plenty of rage.

“What is wrong with keeping cool in a parking lot!”

An NRMA survey found two-thirds of people have been victims of road rage while a survey out of Britain found 75% of drivers have argued about parking.

Psychologists put it down to drivers circling in carparks, which puts them in a hunting mood and gives them an aggressive attitude.

“They’re waiting to pounce on their prey.

“Just shut up and try and find a park like the rest of us, and do it fairly!”

Listen to Chris’ comments in full below