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Coalition scores yet another ‘own goal’, says Rita Panahi

It’s been a bizarre week in politics.

This week, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull strongly denied claims Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton went to him and Treasurer Scott Morrison, suggesting Australia cut immigration by 20,000.

Well, now we’re hearing this year’s permanent migration intake is on track to fall to pre-2010 levels through tighter vetting levels.

Smithy’s All-Star Rita Panahi tells Chris Smith it’s yet another “own goal” for the Coalition.

“What is wrong with discussing a 20,000 drop in the permanent residency numbers?

“A majority of the country think that we are growing too quickly… and they want migration numbers to drop.

But the PM’s horror week doesn’t end there.

It’s emerged today that Mr Turnbull has a large million dollar stake in an investment fund that reportedly boasts of cashing in on the downfall of Australian companies.

Rita says it’s not a good look at all for the nation’s leader.

“For the prime minister of the country to be profiting from the demise of Australian companies is just a terrible look.”

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