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Counter-terrorism specialist slams Australia’s ‘absolutely abysmal’ fire plan

An international security expert warns Australia is woefully unprepared for the real threat of weaponised bushfires.

Counter-terrorism and insurgency specialist, Dr Allan Orr tells Steve Price Australia’s fire plan is ‘absolutely abysmal’ and wants to see a national strategy introduced.

“There’s no real contingency plans for when things do get this bad.

“You’ve got to have a holistic approach to this thing… and everybody is just busy blame-shifting.”

Dr Orr warns some terrorist groups have already discussed weaponising bushfires as a means of attacking Australia.

“Al-Qaeda, about 10 years ago raised this as a tactic, specifically mentioning Australia.

“It’s called pyro-terrorism, it’s a real strategy, its a real tactic.”

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Image: Getty/ Sam Mooy