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Defence Force bushfire deployment ‘largest mobilisation in Australia’s history’

The deployment of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to assist bushfire victims is the first time such a call-up has occurred in Australia.

3000 army reservists and three navy ships have been deployed to assist in all manner of operations, from evacuations to burying livestock.

Engineers, medics and animal vets are among those who are helping devastated Australians who have lost everything.

Defence Minister Linda Reynolds tells Luke Grant the ADF’s work on the ground “is speaking for itself”.

“The ADF has now conducted the largest mobilisation in Australia’s history, certainly since WWII, and the evacuation is now bigger than our response to Cyclone Tracy.

“There is no prouder minister for defence in this entire planet, when you have a look at the extraordinary work our men and woman are doing.”

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Image: Getty/Australian Department of Defence/Helen Frank/Handout/Anadolu Agency