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Disgraceful land clearing laws passed in parliament

Contentious laws restricting farmers’ rights to clear vegetation from their properties have passed Queensland parliament overnight.

The legislation was opposed by the LNP, Katter’s Australia Party and One Nation but passed 48 votes to 43, with the support of the Greens’ Michael Berkman and Independent Sandy Bolton.

The government says the laws are pivotal to protecting the state’s resources.

Katter State Leader Robbie Katter tells Alan Jones it’s not fair on farmers, who care more about the environment than anyone.

“Logic would have it that if you love the environment, you live amongst it.

“There’s a lot of downside to living out in those areas; it’s hot, it’s remote. But if you love it, you live amongst it and you care for it by and large.

“It’s very paternalistic and condescending.”

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