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Energy Minister calls on AGL to prioritise public as Liddell battle continues

Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg is turning up the heat on AGL, calling for the energy giant to put public interest first.

AGL is digging in over the Liddell coal-fired power station, committing to its closure by 2022.

Mr Frydenberg is calling on Alinta Energy and AGL to sit down and reach an agreement to keep the station open.

“We want Alinta and AGL to sit down at the table and hopefully reach a commercially satisfactory negotiation where Liddell stays open beyond 2022.

“If it closes in 2022 and there is not the sufficient investment in what is called dispatchable power… then you will see a high risk of blackouts.

“We are arguing both for the reliability and the affordability of NSW power users… [it’s] in the interest for Liddell to keep going beyond 2022.

“That is why we want AGL to put the public interest… first.”

Mr Frydenberg tells Ross coal will play a major part in Australia’s future, despite the government’s move toward a “mix of generation sources” which includes renewable energy.

“Coal is a major source of supply today as it will be tomorrow, the day after.. and well into the future.

“It’s a form of baseload power. It can be provided around the clock.

“We believe coal has a future in Australia.”

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