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Energy Minister refuses to commit to coal before election

The Energy Minister has not been able to commit to a pre-election announcement on coal but says the government is dedicated to baseload power.

A NSW coal-fired power station is among a dozen projects considered to be underwritten by the federal government, in order to maintain a strong power supply.

Energy Minister Angus Taylor tells Ray Hadley they are committed to the projects they have shortlisted but has not been able to promise a pledge for coal baseload power before the election.

“We’re gonna do it.. but I tell you what I’m not going to hand over money for nothing… without actually doing the work on it.

“I’m not going to stuff things up by announcing something before it’s ready.”

Ray Hadley warns against waiting until after the election to commit to specific projects relating to baseload power.

“I tell you where you’ll be, you’ll be in opposition as sure as night follows day.

“Unless you come up with a solution to baseload power well before the election… there will be about 15 of your colleagues that will be at the Centrelink queue looking for a job.”

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