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Greens attempt to thwart PM’s citizenship ceremony ruling with loophole

The Greens could use a loophole to conduct citizenship ceremonies for protesting councils.

The Prime Minister has warned councils that don’t hold the events on Australia Day, will lose their right to confer citizenship.

But the Greens are seizing on advice federal MPs can conduct the ceremonies at any time, without the Prime Minister’s approval.

It comes as a new poll shows 75 per cent of respondents back Australia Day to remain on the 26th of January.

A separate poll found 78 per cent of people said they would be proud to celebrate on the day.

Liberal MP Alex Hawke tells Luke Grant says the Greens want to divide the nation.

“We’re all sick of being held hostage to a very, very small minority on these sorts issues.

“These days we’re captive constantly to political correctness.”

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