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Hungry Jack’s founder takes the ‘cow’ out of Cowin

Hungry Jack’s has teamed up with CSIRO to bring plant-based meat products to outlets across Australia.

They will build Australia’s first fake meat factory in a $20 million bid to bring v2food around the country.

The new factory is set to begin construction before the end of the year.

Hungry Jack’s founder Jack Cowin tells Ross Greenwood the vegan pattie tastes just like real beef.

“We had a taste test… I would claim that I have eaten in my time on this earth more hamburgers than almost anyone in the country and I got it wrong.

“The product that I thought was the real beef and not the plant-based protein meat, I got it wrong.

“Hungry Jack’s is not abandoning the beef business… however, there is a change taking place in society.”

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