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‘I don’t have control of the future’: NSW Water Minister agrees to keep the Murray-Darling Basin Plan

NSW Water Minister Melinda Pavey has refused to walk away from the controversial Murray-Darling Basin Plan, citing “big legal ramifications”.

Water Ministers met with their federal counterpart in Brisbane today to discuss the states’ issues with the century-old water-sharing agreement.

Despite making threats to leave the plan, the NSW government has instead agreed to remain, on the condition of a massive overhaul.

“We have sought legal advice on that,” Ms Pavey told Macquarie Media’s Luke Grant, “and at this point I would rather work within the plan to make sure NSW’s interests are heard.

“There has been threats made to us that if we pulled out, the Commonwealth could come and buy water licenses, offer farmers big lots of cash, they give up that water, that goal of 450 gigalitres is met, and NSW loses jobs [and] industry.”

Ms Pavey admitted such a scenario is unlikely, but doubled-down saying, “I don’t have control of the future. All I know is that we’ve done a good job.”

NSW will support a federal government investigation, but other states will not co-operate, arguing it’s unnecessary.

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