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‘I have never seen a better story’: The yarn Ray Hadley is urging everybody to read

Ray Hadley is urging everybody to read an article he says is the best he’s ever seen on Rugby League.

But it’s far from a sporting story… it’s a story about an incredible young man and the truly unbelievable adversity he’s had to overcome.

The Daily Telegraph’s Nick Walshaw sat down with rising South Sydney Rabbitohs player Braidon Burns for an emotional tell-all.

It tells of the 22-year-old’s upbringing and how he’s still overcoming his past.

Braidon Burns was training at Redfern Oval the other morning when mum showed up. Hand out, wanting cash.

“But I said no,” Burns says. “Wouldn’t give her any.

“And mum, she got real upset. Started crying.

“Which really shook me up. I was struggling. Eventually, I went back inside the sheds …”

The piece touched Ray and had him urging everybody to read it.

“I’ve been covering Rugby League and calling it for 38 years. I have never seen a better story than a story written by Nick Walshaw today in the Telegraph.

“I have never seen a better story,” he repeats.

“It’s impossible to encapsulate in a small space of time what this young man has been through…

“But I would compel any of you… [to] read this story about this young man.

“It will bring tears to your eyes and you will be just absolutely in total admiration for this bloke.”

You can read the story HERE or by grabbing a copy of today’s The Daily Telegraph.

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