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‘I have never seen this country in such a terrible, terrible state’

Queensland farmer Brian Egan has been pushing for farming support for the past 13 years.

The farmer from Charleville, about nine hours north of Brisbane, is also the founder of Aussie Helpers, an organisation which supports rural farming families.

He tells Alan Jones “this has become a natural disaster”.

“I don’t understand why state politicians or federal politicians are just invisible in the bush. I mean, we’re getting no help from any government at all.”

Brian says a lack of drinking water is one of the most crucial issues, as both stock and farming families are left without clean water.

“I have never seen this country in such a terrible, terrible state.

“We find people living in third-world conditions, for God’s sake.

“Why is it up to people like us to do this work? It’s just crazy.”

Brian tells Alan the drought is having a harsh impact on families and he expects 20 per cent of family farms to shut up shop this year, unable to cope with the conditions.

“I don’t know how a lot of the people are going to survive.”

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He also says suicide is a prevalent issue which needs to be addressed as many farmers, including himself, face mental illness.

“It’s happening as we speak.

“Unfortunately, there has been a lot of suicides. They’re not even being reported.”

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