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‘Josh, you’re supposed to be smart’, Alan Jones hammers Energy Minister again

The Federal Energy Minister admits electricity prices are still high, but argues the government is starting to bring them down.

After last week’s fiery interview in the studio, Alan Jones and Josh Frydenberg have gone head to head once again.

Alan accused the minister of ignoring Australians’ pleas for help skyrocketing electricity prices.

“That’s not right. We’ve been trying to fix up the mess we inherited,” Mr Frydenberg claims.

As for the government’s bias against coal-fired power, the minister insists it’s the private sector that must invest, not the government.

Alan wasn’t having a bar of it though.

“Just put your hand up to your head and see if those ears are tin. They’re tin ears!

“Josh, you’re supposed to be smart. There are 1,600 coal-fired power plants that are planned or under construction in 62 countries around the world.

“How many coal-fired power plants are being built in Australia?”

Minister Frydenberg refused to answer the question.

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Image: Josh Frydenberg in the studio last month