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Latest Greens policy is ‘Marxist, socialist doctrine’, says Rowan Dean

Smithy’s All-Star Rowan Dean has unleashed on Greens Leader Richard Di Natale’s new welfare policy, slamming it as ‘Marxist, socialist doctrine’.

Senator Di Natale is pushing for an income system where Australians receive a set wage from the government with no obligation to work.

“If anyone is even thinking of voting for the Greens they have rocks in their head,” Rowan tells Chris Smith.

“I remember you telling me, Chris, about when you used to work in Hong Kong and the cab drivers used to say, ‘Oh Australia, that’s the place where they pay you not to work’.

“This is that on steroids.

“People have got to be really, really clear on what the Greens are.

“They’re a hardcore Marxist outfit.

Rowan also weighed in on the future of coal in Australia, saying the government needed to be clear about it staying on the agenda.

“What the Liberal party should have been doing is selling very, very strongly the idea that the Liberal government will ensure that coal remains a part of our mix.”

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