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Mark Latham: Trump started it, now it’s time to drain the Australian political swamp

Former Labor leader Mark Latham is calling for Australia to take a leaf out of US President Donald Trump’s book and drain the political swamp.

He’s hated by the mainstream media and the left-wing, but continues to resonate with the common masses in America and around the world.

Latham says he’s thrown all the political rules out the window and believes it’s time to do the same in Australia.

“Everyone knows the system is failing, we see that in Australia.

“The two major parties are limping along with record levels of public distrust and disenchantment with politics.

“Trump calls it draining the swamp and it should be drained.

“That’s such a refreshing break with the political orthodoxy. Around the world, he’s become quite a hero to people.

“You wouldn’t agree with 100% of what he says and sometimes you think ‘oh that’s a bit jarring’ and ‘where did that come from’, but the fact that he’s brave enough to say it.

“He’s totally fearless of the modern media.”

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