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NRL hires delicious Chinese dish as State of Origin entertainment??

“It’s a bad day when you don’t learn something,” says Ray Hadley.

Well he certainly got an education today after a very confusing media release about this year’s State of Origin pre-match entertainment.

“I got really excited a short time ago. Into the studio came an NRL release – ‘Peking Duck in Melbourne’.

“I thought, ‘you little beauty, I love peking duck’… the hoisin sauce, the duck, the pancakes, spring onions.

“I thought, well this must be something about what’s coming into the media boxes… but I was wrong.”



Once Ray discovered Peking Duk is, in fact, a music band he decided to learn more about them.

Ray’s staff and a host of listeners got in touch to let him know Peking Duk is all the rage at the moment.

After listening to some of their music Ray may have even changed his mind.

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