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One Nation QLD leader resigns over controversial strip club footage

The Queensland leader of One Nation, Steve Dickson, has resigned following the release of footage of him at a US strip club.

The video, filmed as part of the Al Jazeera investigation into One Nation’s dealings with the National Rifle Association, shows Dickson groping women and making lewd comments in a Washington strip club.

In the footage, Dickson was filmed making disparaging comments about Asian women and propositioning a strip dancer.

He has since issued a statement, apologising for his behaviour and thanking his wife for her support.

“The footage shown does not reflect the person I am,” the statement read. “It shows a person who was drunk and not in control of his actions and I take full responsibility for allowing that to happen,” (full statement below)

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has accepted Dickson’s resignation and distanced herself from him.

“The footage I saw last night cannot be ignored or condoned,” she said.

“I wouldn’t tolerate my own children behaving this way towards women, and I cannot and will not condone my own candidates dealing with women in this fashion either.”

Al Jazeera says it did not give A Current Affair permission to use the vision of One Nation Senator Steve Dickson at a strip club.

In a statement, Al Jazeera said it did not release the footage because it “did not consider it in the public interest”.

See Al Jazeera’s full statement below

See Steve Dickson’s full statement below

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