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Osher Günsberg publicly reveals latest mental health battle to close friend Karl Stefanovic

Two of Australia’s most well-known media personalities have opened up about their own mental health struggles in a candid interview.

Host of The Bachelor Osher Günsberg joined Karl Stefanovic on the airwaves ahead of tonight’s premiere of the hit reality show.

But the chat between friends soon turned into an honest discussion about how important it is to seek help when you’re feeling down.

Osher tells Karl he’s four weeks away from the birth of his first biological child, and recently made the decision to see a doctor when things became too much.

“Things were really coming apart at the seams.

“My wife just took one look at me and she was like ‘look, you just can’t do it yourself. Get some help.’

“So I went to go have another chat with my doctor… I’ve been two weeks back on meds and I’m just so much better for my family.”

Karl responded by thanking Osher personally for being there for him during his recent difficulties.

“I don’t mind saying this. I rang Osher seeking some help in terms of professional advice because things had gotten a bit much for me in terms of just handling day-to-day pressures.

“It’s so important for you and for myself, and for any man to talk openly about seeking help.”

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Image of Osher Günsberg: Getty / Bradley Kanaris