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Pauline Hanson blames ‘nose rings and tattoos’ for unemployment

Queensland Senator Pauline Hanson is calling for stricter limits on unemployment benefits, suggesting young people are ‘making themselves unemployable’.

The One Nation leader is pushing for a two-year limit on non-conditional JobSeeker payments, telling Ben Fordham it’s a way to “break the cycle” of welfare dependency and a solution to the nation’s anticipated post-coronavirus debt.

Under her plan, under 50s would have to prove they had gained some form of paid employment after two years, or payments would be automatically cut for a year.

“It’s supposed to be a helping hand Ben, not a way of life.

“I think a lot of people out there have actually gone out of their way to make themselves unemployable.

“The way they dress, their appearance, all the nose rings, the earrings, the tattoos.

“We’ve got to say ‘time’s up’.”

“You say time’s up Pauline, but is now really the time?” Ben rebutted.

“Unemployment’s probably about to go to 10 per cent. We’ve got people being laid off all over the place, and not because they’re wearing nose rings or getting tattoos or being lazy, but because we’re in the middle of this virus!”

The Senator fired back, “This is a totally different situation.”

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