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Peter Dutton defends ‘Twiggy’ Forrest over press conference fiasco

The Home Affairs Minister is defending businessman Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest as he faces accusations of platforming Chinese government propaganda.

Yesterday, Victorian Chinese consul-general Long Zhou made a surprise appearance at a federal government press conference, claiming the Chinese Communist Party is cooperating in “an open, transparent and responsible manner”.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton commended Mr Forrest, who introduced the Chinese official to speak at the event, telling Ray Hadley Long Zhou’s comments “overshadow” the Forrests’ philanthropic efforts.

Mr Forrest has obtained 10 million testing kits from China.

“That’s the main take out of yesterday: what they were able to provide and to give back to the Australian community,” Mr Dutton said.

“I think people should be grateful, and acknowledge the good work that the Minderoo Foundation does.”

Ray retaliated, calling out the mining magnate’s extensive business interests in China.

“Peter, it was an ambush. If it happened to you, despite your admiration of Twiggy Forrest, you’d be dirty!”

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