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Properties guaranteed to be lost with ‘big wall of fire’ heading for NSW

Human lives will remain the main priority as properties are guaranteed to be lost with severe bushfires conditions expected tomorrow.

Entire towns and national parks on the South Coast are being warned to get out while they can, with searing heat and strong winds predicted for the weekend.

The Premier has declared a week-long state of emergency with a statewide Total Fire Ban in place until Sunday.

NSW RFS Deputy Commissioner Rob Rogers tells Mark Levy the conditions are expected to be worse than the New Year’s Eve fires which claimed seven lives.

“We are singly focused on saving people’s lives tomorrow and that’s where our strong advice will be: do not be in front of these fires.

“We’ve got an enormous amount of fires that’s still in the South Coast that we know is going to impact properties tomorrow, there is nothing surer, and there is nothing we can do to stop that happening.

“There’s a big wall of fire, it’s probably 50km long that has left NSW and gone into Victoria and it’s all going to come back into NSW tomorrow.”

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Premier Gladys Berejikian says the fires are particularly dangerous because they’re creating their own weather conditions.

“We’re seeing weather conditions change very quickly because of the heat generated by the fires themselves.

“Essentially the dry lightning which is sparking other fires, the mini-tornados… is really a new phenomenon. 

“Because of the nature and the unpredictability we have to make people act more cautiously than they otherwise would because we are in the process now of literally saving lives.”

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Image: Getty/David Gray

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