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QLD’s plan to lure welfare recipients to farms fails spectacularly

A trial allowing welfare recipients to earn money working on Australian farms while still receiving full welfare payments has failed spectacularly.

The two-year Seasonal Work Incentives Trial, which was meant to help lure local workers to agricultural work, was shunned by unemployed Australians.

Of 7600 available placements, only 404 were actually taken up.

The scheme allowed those on Newstart and the Disability Support Pension to work on farms and earn up to $5000 a year without losing any of their welfare.

CEO of AgForce Queensland Michael Guerin says it’s disappointing locals aren’t willing to do agricultural work.

“To see this pilot fail, which gave very good financial incentives for young people to go and try the industry… is a real shame.

“One of the things we need to do better is to work collaboratively… to take the learnings from the past and apply them to the future so that young people can see what the opportunities are.”

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