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RAAF pilots told to consider ‘gender perspective’ before dropping bombs

Royal Australian Air Force pilots are being told to consider civilian women before bombing warzones.

The Daily Telegraph has revealed the ‘Gender in Air Operations’ guide asks pilots to take “gendered social roles” into perspective.

A hypothetical case says pilots should consider how destroying a bridge could force local women to take more dangerous routes when collecting water and firewood.

Veterans are calling the move another exercise in political correctness.

President of Australian Peacekeeper and Peacemaker Veterans Association NSW/ACT Bruce Relph says making this information public knowledge actually puts more women in danger.

“The enemies that we potentially face will know what our doctrine is.

“They’re gonna see that we’ve got this doctrine and of course they’re gonna use it.”

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Liberal Senator and former major general Jim Molan decided to weigh in on the issue, telling Chris Smith pilots already consider civilians when choosing targets.

“This is a well-intentioned but appallingly, clumsily written bit of scenario.

“I suspect it’s been written by people who haven’t had to do it.”

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A former member of the Australian Defence Force Bernard Gaynor tells Ben Fordham it’s “just craziness”.

“Every time it seems we’ve reached peak insanity inside the Defence Force they come out with something new like this.

“The enemy will just use this doctrine, and our inability to wage warfare effectively, to protect themselves and to harm our own defence personnel.”

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