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Ray Hadley blasts QLD government for ‘trying to hoodwink people’ over bid

Despite the Queensland Government putting in a bid for a stake in Virgin Australia, Treasurer Cameron Dick admits he doesn’t know how much the running costs will be.

Appearing on Channel Nine’s TODAY show this morning, Mr Dick was grilled by Karl Stefanovic over the operating expenses of the airline.

Mr Dick admitted those costs weren’t known to him.

“Well you see therein lies the problem… the amount of money the Queensland government has mentioned is $200 million,” said Ray Hadley.

“That wouldn’t tank up all the jets that are currently based in Alice Springs and other places that aren’t flying.

“But he kept mentioning that they have a commercial partner, the Queensland Investment Corporation. I thought, isn’t that controlled by the Queensland government?

“Well, it’s worse than being controlled by the government: it’s owned by the government!

“His commercial bid partner is him as part of the Queensland government!

“So it’s no good trying to hoodwink people by suggesting the bid for Virgin Australia is partly funded by the Queensland government and moreover funded by the Queensland Investment Corporation because they are one and the same: one owns the other!”

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