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Ray Hadley takes Ava shopping and thinks all mothers deserve a medal

Ray Hadley is calling on the Governor-General to acknowledge mothers with a medal after he took his adorable little granddaughter shoe shopping.

According to all reports, Ray had his hands full with 18-month-old Ava.

But the photos are well worth it for the rest of us.

Ray says while Ava was well behaved he is in awe of mothers who go shopping with more than one child.

“Having not done this for a long long time, that’s why I’m now calling for the Governor-General to institute some sort of acknowledgement for people who go shopping with more than two children under the age of five, on a regular basis, because its a herculean task.

“I didn’t realise how big a task it was until I escorted one child yesterday.”

Click PLAY below to hear Ray detail his day out with Ava

And the final product… here’s Ava wearing the outfit Poppy bought her.


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