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Report warns NSW will have to import QLD gas with ‘crisis coming in 2025’

A new report claims New South Wales is facing a power “crisis” in 2025, unless we act now.

The paper commissioned by the New South Wales Business Chamber says the state government has just months to act if it’s to stop a serious gas shortfall.

It warns homes and businesses will be forced to pay at least triple for imported gas from Queensland.

CEO Stephen Cartwright tells Ray Hadley the crisis can be averted if the Narrabri Gas Project is approved by early next year.

“If we don’t get on with developing our own domestic gas reserves quickly we’re going to end up having gas shortages by 2025.

“If the Narrabri field doesn’t get approval within the next six months… then we won’t be able to ramp up in time to avoid the crisis that’s coming in 2025.”

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