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Safety doubts led NSW Council to ban NRL team from their sports fields

An NSW council has banned the Melbourne Storm from training at their parks after one of their doctors cast doubt over the NRL club’s testing procedures.

The NRL team has moved its training base to Albury but despite the council’s opposition, the players will be training at private gyms and the Albury Sports Ground.

Independent Councillor Graham Docksey voted against allowing the Storm to use Albury council parks and sports fields.

He told Chris Smith the NRL briefing on safety wasn’t reassuring.

“I’m not convinced that all the protocols would be sufficient for my community.

“We have two doctors … one confirmed that the testing procedures are not 100 per cent in relation to temperature testing.

“The number of community members who spoke to me against having the Storm here was overwhelming.

“We are virus-free and I want to keep it this way.”

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But Albury Councillor Murray King told Ray Hadley it’s an “embarrassing” outcome.

“A few of them got their noses out of joint that they weren’t kept in the loop from the get-go.

“99 per cent are pretty disappointed in the council vote.”

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Image: Getty/Scott Barbour