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‘Scumbag’ who bragged he’d get away with bashing two policewomen to walk free

A man who viciously attacked two policewomen then bragged he’d get away with it because of the colour of his skin will walk free from jail today.

22-year-old Yak Dut attacked the two police officers in February 2017 when they tried to arrest him in the Melbourne suburb of South Morang.

He ’roundhouse’ kicked one of the officers in the face, head and shoulder, later forcing her to have shoulder surgery.

He also kicked the other officer in the legs.

After being arrested he later threatened to find out who the officers were and shoot them with their own guns.

He then bragged no magistrate would lock him up because he was black.

Dut moved to Australia from Kenya as a seven-year-old.

He was sentenced to 12 months’ jail and a two-year community corrections order. But he will walk free today after already serving 18 months in detention.

Rita Panahi says the sentence is very light on.

Rita Panahi: “The judge in this case has said it’s widely recognised that rehabilitation is the greatest importance to the community-”

Steve Price: “I agree, the best rehabilitation is 36A on a plane to Africa! Why are we paying for jail? Send him back to Kenya, let them jail him.”

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