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Tennis champion slams Ash Barty and insults all Australians

Tennis champion Ion Tiriac has taken brutal aim at Australia’s newest Grand Slam champion Ash Barty.

The former world top 10 ranked Romanian tennis player has slammed Ms Barty in a recent interview and insulted all Australians.

The 80-year-old has called the Roland Garros female finale “one of the poorest” he had ever seen.

“Now comes Barty, who has only one merit. She’s an Australian! They do not know how to write or read,” Mr Tiriac said.

“But every time someone comes from there, they come out with technical knowledge from A to Z.”

Chris Smith is shocked by the blistering attack.

“So he was happy to take our money from the tournaments that were on in Melbourne or Sydney but, oh no, in hindsight we couldn’t read or write.

“What a fool.”

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