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‘Thanks for your service’: Opposition leader threatens to sack Alan Jones in explosive interview

NSW Opposition leader Michael Daley has threatened to sack Alan Jones in an explosive pre-election interview.

With just over two weeks left until voters head to the polls, Mr Daley joined Alan in the studio for the first time, with neither man taking a backwards step.

Alan grilled the want-to-be premier over his promise not to rebuild Allianz Stadium, despite independent reports saying it’s not safe to continue as is.

Mr Daley claims the SCG Trust, which runs the stadium, isn’t telling the truth about the risks.

“That’s one of the reasons Alan why I’m going to sack the board,” he says.

“If I’m elected, the board will go. I know you’ve been on that board for 30 years.”

Alan is the longest-serving trustee in the not for profit organisation’s history but took the threat in his stride.

“Yeah, we do the job for nothing, don’t worry, we don’t mind,” he says.

Mr Daley didn’t let up, ending the interview with one final jab.

“That’s fine, but the board will go. It will be sacked. I’m sorry about the SCG Trust Board, thanks for your service.”

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