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‘This is our home!’: Rural resident fears his town has been forgotten as bushfire threat looms

A distressed local has broken down with fears his rural community has been forgotten ahead of the severe fire conditions expected.

Welaregang in the NSW Riverina region is located on the NSW-Victoria border, 15km from the nearest fire station in Ourie.

The towns have been without power for three days and have no way to communicate ahead of warnings of a dangerous fire day expected tomorrow.

Many have been evacuated from the South Coast as the RFS braces for extreme fire conditions.

Local resident Robert Bruce tells Luke Grant there are only a couple dozen people in the community who have been told there are not enough resources in the neighbouring towns to reach them.

“Basically they just said you’re on your own.

“There’s no pub there’s nothing, it’s just a dot on the map.

“We thought about evacuating but this is our home… that’s all we’ve got here.”

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Deputy Prime Minister and Member for Riverina Michael McCormack tells Luke Grant the safest thing to do is leave.

“We have to obey the authorities.

“Yes it’s hard… but you can replace things but you can’t replace lives.”

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Image: Getty/Darrian Traynor