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Top tips for lodging your tax return in the era of COVID-19

As the end of the financial year draws near, the Australian Tax Office has shared some crucial tips.

ATO Assistant Commissioner Karen Foat told Deborah Knight JobKeeper, JobSeeker and working from home will impact tax time.

“Lots is different for people this year.

“Most people’s circumstances have changed in one way or another and that means their return will probably change too.”

People who have worked from home will be able to claim 80 cents per hour worked.

Those who accessed their super early, due to COVID-19, do not need to include it in their tax return as it is not a taxable amount.

Ms Foat warns against lodging early as information from employers and banks aren’t submitted until the end of July.

“If you’re lodging before that you need to make sure that everything is in there and you’ll have to do some of those things yourself.”

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