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We’ve heard the negatives of My Health Record, but here are the benefits

With just hours remaining to opt out of the My Health Record system, people seem to be in two minds.

A poll on the Chris Smith show showed 50.1 per cent of listeners are choosing not to add their medical details to the national database.

We’ve heard plenty of negatives about the program; claims the data may not be correct, may not be secure and more.

But here are the positives. Here are the reasons why Australians are being encouraged to sign up.

My Health Record Deputy Chair Dr Steve Hambleton tells Ray Hadley the information could be life-saving.

“When you way up the benefits versus the risks for yourself, or your children, or for mum and dad, those are the people who are going to say, ‘I can see the value’.”

“‘Doctors need to know what medication I’m on, they’ll be able to make better decisions for me and it’ll be safer overall’.”

Dr Hambleton uses the example of tetanus shots and immunisations and how nobody ever remembers when they last had them.

With My Health Record, you can access that information on your phone or computer and doctors around Australia can as well.

Ray gives his own example of seeing doctors stare at him in fear when they listen to his heartbeat.

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