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‘Why are there no consequences?’: John Jarratt case described as worst wrongful prosecution

Australian actor John Jarratt was cleared of rape last week in a case described as “the worst wrongful prosecution”.

Now, questions are being asked of the judicial system and how a person’s reputation can be destroyed, with no consequences for the accuser.

The 66-year-old was wrongly accused of raping his housemate more than 40 years ago.

The jury unanimously found him not guilty, in less than two hours.

Anti-feminist Bettina Arndt tells Steve Price “this is the result of the #MeToo movement”.

“It has absolutely distorted our whole justice system.

“The more prominent the man, the more at risk he is.”

She’s also asking why Jarratt’s accused is allowed to remain anonymous, despite destroying his reputation.

“Why are there no consequences for women who make false allegations?”

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