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Why Chris Smith is calling for the Acting PM to ‘pass the baton on pronto’

Chris Smith has unleashed on Acting Prime Minister Michael McCormack after he claimed “bashing up banks” has become a “national sport”.

The Royal Commission is continuing to unveil shocking revelations, including clients being charged fees even after they’ve died.

Today, the Acting PM caused a stir when he commented on the banks.

“Bashing up banks has become a bit of a national sport.

But I have to say a lot of people also rely on the banks to do well because they’re actually shareholders either indirectly or directly.

Banks obviously have to be accountable to their custmers, first and foremost, but they also have to be accountable to their shareholders. They also have to be accountable to the people they employ.”

Chris Smith has slammed the comments, saying this is not the time to be cutting the banks any slack.

“Charging fees for no service? Charging dead people for years?

“If this sort of behaviour, the behaviour uncovered by the banking Royal Commission, doesn’t deserve a good bash then I don’t know what does.

“Seriously, this bloke Michael McCormack should pass the baton on pronto.”

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