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‘You don’t know how lucky you’ve got it’: British politician fighting for Aussie rights

Conservative British politician Daniel Hannan says Australians don’t realise how fortunate we are on the world stage.

Mr Hannan was one of the leaders of the Brexit campaign as long been fighting for his government to get spiralling debt under control.

In the country to promote free trade and a UK-Australia deal post-Brexit, the member of European Parliament tells Alan Jones Australia is in better shape than we realise.

“You don’t know how lucky you’ve got it.

“Believe me when I tell you, most of the world happily swap their problems for Australia’s.”

Alan embarrassed his guest, saying he’s one of the finest politicians anywhere in the world.

“This man, I believe, could have been, should have been the British Prime Minister.”

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Mr Hannan has also been campaigning for better access rights for Australians entering the UK.

And he’s had a win.

From next year, Aussies will be able to use the locals line at British airports, rather than queuing up with international visitors.